Day 1 - From idea to pitch, a day of co-creation in digital media


From an idea or a project of the group, Diego Briceño and Abraham Lifshitz (Makila) will give to participating artists the challenge of creating in one day two pitch of media projects, including a trailer or an audiovisual prototype, which will be presented at the end of the day.[...]


  • Diego Briceño
  • Abraham Lifshitz
Jour 2 - s'approprier les espaces du web

Day 2 - Take ownership of web spaces


Through the presentation of various projects realized by KNGFU over the years - web documentaries, mobile applications, virtual reality, augmented reality, etc. - this day will cover various issues related to the use of the Internet as an information space, experimentation, creation, mediation, dissemination, dialogue, community anchoring, etc.[...]


  • Ghassan Fayad
  • Colas Wohlfahrt
  • Karoline Truchon
  • Rhodnie Désir
  • Marie-Claude Fournier

Workshop 1 - Experience feedback - 10 years of digital production

Workshop 2 - Community Anchor and Digital Culture

Workshop 3 - The long danse of Bow't Trail

jour 3 - Scénographie et créations audiovisuelles

Day 3 - Scenography and audiovisual creations


This workshop will present an overview of the relationship with technologies. Space becomes a territory encouraging the experimentation of interactive devices that modify sound, image, light, etc.[...]


  • Line Nault
  • Teo Zamudio
  • Santiago Tavera

Workshop 1 - Digital Scenography: The Body Seized in Space

Workshop 2 - V-Jing / techno audiovisual

Workshop 3 - Virtual reality, augmented reality

jour 4 - Direction visuelle / installations

Day 4 - Visual direction / installations




  • Isabella Salas
  • Paolo Almario
  • Beatriz Herrera

Workshop 1 - Event and sound creation

Workshop 2 - Digital installation

Workshop 3 - Electronics / robotics